Find your best match

Simplify your job search

Looking for work doesn’t have to be so time-consuming. Make your life easier: just fill out your profile on Job Bank, then sit back and review job matches as they come in.

Attract the right jobs

Filter out the noise and only see jobs you qualify for. Be matched based on your abilities and preferences, and get a quick snapshot of how compatible you are with the job.

Get noticed by employers

Over 150,000 verified employers in Canada recruit on Job Bank. When you’re matched with one of them, they can preview your profile and invite you to apply for their job.

Make Job Match work for you

Step 1 Create your profile

After you sign up for a Plus account on Job Bank, you will be prompted to fill out a profile detailing your education, experience and skills. No need to write anything! Just pick from our thousands of pre-defined options.

Once you’ve filled out your profile, we will email you whenever it matches the job requirements for new positions. That’s all you have to do – put in minimum effort to get maximum results.

Step 2 Manage your settings

Keep full control over your matches – tailor them to your needs by choosing from one of 3 different matching algorithms. You can switch between them at any time in your profile settings. Pick whether you want to get matched based on your work history, your education, or your experience and skills.

Getting too many matches? In your settings, you can also switch from the Default matching mode to the Strict matching mode to get results that are more closely related to your profile details.

Step 3 Create a resume instantly

Get a head start over other applicants: when you fill out a profile for Job Match, it automatically generates a professional resume with your details. That way, you’ll be ready to make an impression as soon as a match happens. You never know – an employer could invite you to apply at any moment.

Get the most out of your job search with Job Match.

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