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Music is heard in the background.

 A construction worker is walking down the street while holding his cellphone in one hand. He is browsing job postings on the Job Bank mobile app.

 NARRATOR: The Job Bank mobile app makes searching for jobs easy and convenient.

 A close-up of the Job Bank mobile app appears on the screen.

 NARRATOR: Search jobs close to where you live or anywhere in Canada.

 The construction worker is shown searching for construction jobs in Toronto on Job Bank’s mobile app.

 NARRATOR: Find out who is hiring in your area.

 A man sitting on a bench in a park is swiping left and right on his phone. He is looking at job postings for programmers in Montreal.

 NARRATOR: Swipe through jobs to speed up your search. Swipe right to add to your favourites.

 A person is riding a bicycle on the road. A close-up of the “Alerts” tab of Job Bank’s mobile app is visible on the screen.

 NARRATOR: Job Bank finds jobs that match your qualifications. Set alerts and create favourites to find new jobs even faster.

 The same cyclist is getting out of a farmer’s market with groceries.

 NARRATOR: The app also notifies you of closing dates on your favourite selections.

 A close-up of a notification from the Job Bank mobile app appears on the left side of the screen, while the cyclist is seen pulling out their phone from their pocket. The notification reads: Job Bank - Alerts: 10 new jobs found for marketing, Vancouver, BC.

 A woman is walking in the woods with her dog while holding her phone in her hands.

 NARRATOR: Job Bank works even offline so you can view your favourite jobs anytime, anywhere.

 A close-up of the Job Bank mobile app appears on screen. It shows that the woman is scrolling through saved jobs in the “Favourites” tab of the mobile app. A “No network connection” message is visible at the bottom of the tab.

 The scene then cuts to the Job Bank mobile app logo. The Apple App Store and Google Play logos appear at the bottom of the screen.

 NARRATOR: Find us on Google Play and the App Store.


The video ends with the Canada wordmark displayed on a white background.

Easy-to-use features


Customize your job search


Get notified of new jobs that could interest you


Keep track of your favourite job postings


Connect your Job Bank user account to the app

Customize your job search. Use filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Browse through thousands of jobs across Canada or see who’s hiring nearby.

Alerts Get notified

Be the first to know about the latest jobs that could interest you. Save your search criteria and receive alerts when matching jobs are advertised on Job Bank.

Synchronization Connect your account

Follow a few easy steps to connect your Job Bank account to our mobile app and access your job alerts, favourites and recent searches on the device of your choice!

Favourites Save your favourites

Never lose track of an opportunity. Pick out the jobs that interest you, and save them all in one place as you apply. View your favourite jobs even when you’re offline. Get notifications reminding you to apply when they’re about to expire.

Find your next job

Download the Job Bank app and try the easiest way to look for work.

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